Cause of the torrential Rain

The grammar of the waw consecutive with imperfect verb in Genesis 7:12 as well as the verb usage in Genesis 8:2 describe the first two events causing the third event-rain. Fountains of seawater gushing out do not cause incessant rain. On the other hand, huge volcanos erupting would cause torrential rain.

The eruption of Krakatoa in 535 AD was one of the largest in the last thousand years. Computer simulations have shown that it blasted 12 to 24 cubic miles of water far above the atmosphere (Savino, 2008). Geologists have noted that volcanos in the distant past were up to one thousand times larger than Krakatoa. For example, the Mid-Tertiary Ignimbrite Flare-up erupted igneous material estimated at about 200,000 times the amount of the 1980 Mt. St. Helen's eruption (Savino, 2008). Genesis 7:11 describes not one, but all fountains of great deep erupting together. If some of these were potentially 1000 times larger than any in the last thousand years, they could have blasted millions of cubic miles of water far above the atmosphere. That would cause incessant, torrential rain.

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