Fifth Day Details

The Second Thing Created

God created the paired spaces and soil on day one. Nothing else has been created (brought into existence out of nothing) until this fifth day. Everything else has been formed and fashioned out of the materials God created on day one.

God formed the bodies of birds and animals from the soil as described in Genesis 2:19. However, animals are more than just their bodies. God 'created' animal life in addition to forming their bodies from the soil. The 'life' of animals cannot be made from soil. Plants are biological, but they are entirely physical. That is, they are entirely made of soil and do not have 'life' like animals possess. Animals have both physical bodies made of 'soil' and something more. They have life. There are now three building materials which God can use to form and fashion things. He can use paired spaces, soil, and animal life. The fifth day presents the fourth creation -- human life.

The Difference between Families and Species

God's Blessing

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