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The Mabbul
Peter prophesied that Noah's Flood would be ignored in the last days. This has happened. Noah's Flood has been discredited by science. Science considers the global flood a myth that has never happened and could not happen. The scientific evidence has led many Christian scholars to present a regional flood explanations in commentaries even though scripture demands a global flood. This session examines the Biblical description of the events that initiated the flood. Those events have been mis-read and mis-interpreted by many (most) Christians. The incorrect interpretation of scripture is at the heart of why the global flood was discredited by science. When the Biblical account is read accurately, it presents solid evidence for a global flood that precisely fits the scientific/geological evidence. An interesting connection between Darwin and the flood is also presented. (50-60 minutes)

Adam Saw Stars
The Biblical timeframe of six to seven thousand years completely conflicts with the scientific time line for our universe of 13.8 billion years. Two issues that support the scientific time line are the Hubble Constant and the time required for starlight to reach Earth from distant stars. These both seem to mathematically prove that the universe must be 13.8 billion years old.

However, there are assumptions in these calculations that have been completely ignored. One assumption is that space is just a mathematical concept, not a fabric or substance. Scientists know that this issue has not been resolved, and it is debated today. However, their calculations are based on space being a concept, not a substance. Furthermore, extrinsic measurements of space are used in the calculations which are known to be highly inconsistent in different environments.

This session provides experimental and logical evidence of what is wrong. The Bible provides the answer to what space is. The Biblical clues are examined and used to suggest a new hypothesis. While the hypothesis will require extensive testing, it has made predictions which have been shown to be correct. The hypothesis is simple enough that it can be understood by most high school students. Yet, it is sufficiently powerful that it completely changes the time line from 13.8 billion years down to a maximum age of the universe of just thousands of years. (50-60 minutes)

What Is Eternal?
In Romans one Paul shares two characteristics about God that God has made plain to everyone. Quotes from atheistic scientists show that God has made this plain even to them. This session shows why every area of science requires billions of years once they reject God. Billions of years is the wrong answer, but it is the best, wrong answer. It is the only way science can possibly make the universe work without God. The session summarizes key issues in science to show that the Biblical timeframe of six to seven thousand years is completely reliable. (40-50 minutes)

This session examines one of the most important issues in the creation account - marriage. God is One, and He wants humans to learn to be one. This topic is refreshing to have in a creation seminar because it does not focus on science. God has a plan for us, and a key component of that plan is learning to be one. The differences between male and female that are described in the creation account make this session humorous and helpful in marriages. (40-50 minutes)

Polemic Against Evolution
This session examines the five areas emphasized by repetition in the creation account. These areas directly oppose the five fundamental tenets of evolution. From the very beginning, God specifically addressed evolution and told us that He did not use any part of evolution in His creation. A second part of this session examines computer simulations of evolution and why it is impossible for evolution to happen. God wants his people to know he did not use evolution. This is especially important in our day where many Christians are accepting evolution. (40-50 minutes)

God's Creation Account
This session examines Genesis chapter one using a fresh translation that allows events to be visualized. Key issues include the five words defined within the account, the difference between species and kinds, and the difference between what God created and what He made. Paintings by renowned artist, Jim Dick, assist in understanding each event. Genesis chapter one has at least eleven different interpretations. At least ten of them are wrong. It is important to understand exactly what God did. (50-60 minutes)

God's Creative Greatness
This presentation visualizes amazing facts of our universe. It follows Isaiah 40:12-26 to show God's greatness. Special emphasis is placed on the enormity of the universe and the intricately small particles of which it consists. The session concludes by looking at why God created such a majestic and beautiful universe. (25-30 minutes)

Radiometric Dating Assumptions
Science claims that radiometric dating proves the Earth is billions of years old. This seminar examines key assumptions of Carbon Dating and Potassium Argon Dating methods. When the assumptions are changed, the dates fit the Biblical timeframe. None of the assumptions can be proven at this point. However the Biblical assumptions make more sense. The main point of this session is to show that science has much to learn. When more is learned, radiometric dating will change. (40-50 minutes)

Other Topics
Mark is continually working on additional topics.

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