Did God Use Evolution to Create?

Repeated Gallup polls show that for the last thirty years about one third of Americans believe that God used evolution to create humans. This group has comfortably established their position straddling the fence with confidence in both God and evolution. True evolutionists are embarrassed by this group not comprehending that evolution is completely unguided by anything except natural selection. On the other hand, does God have any feelings about these fence sitters? Yes, He does.

Declaring the End From the Beginning
God is omniscient. He knew from the very beginning that evolution would be widely taught and believed. Belief in evolution started long before Darwin. Darwin just provided the driving mechanism -- natural selection (survival of the fittest). If God knew about evolution from the beginning and was opposed to it, shouldn't He have said so?

Five Issues Emphasized by Repetition
In every communication it is essential to know the main point. The Creation Account has five issues emphasized by repetition. Together, these five issues comprise the main point, excellence by design. Here are the five repeated issues:

Five Foundational Tenets of Evolution
Evolution has five essential issues that describe advancement through death:

Five on Five
The five issues emphasized by repetition in the Creation Account directly oppose each of the five foundational tenets of evolution.

The Polemic Against Evolution
Each of the five issues emphasized by repetition in the creation account directly opposes a foundational tenet of evolution. If that is not enough, God specifically said that everything was completed by the end of creation week. In contrast, when does evolution end? It never ends. The main point of the creation account is that God did not use any aspect of evolution in His creation. Genesis chapter one is a polemic against evolution. One reason God was opposed to evolution is because it would never work.

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