Noah's Flood

Questions from Genesis

New 2015 -- a first, rough draft of Genesis: Understanding God, Our World, and Ourselves. Comments, suggestions, and additions are appreciated.

Genesis provides facscinating accounts of creation, Eden, the flood, and the lives of the patriarchs. However, many details are ommitted and thus many questions arise. This page asks simple, but important questions and provides answers from the context.

What does the Creation Account say?
Did God use evolution to create?
What is the source of the ancient information in Genesis?
How could there be light before the sun and stars were made?
What was the world population before the flood?
What events initiated the flood? (In Process)
What is Eternal?
Do humans have free will?
What is the knowledge of good and evil?
Why does God want us to be ONE?
Who were the sons of God and daughters of men?

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