DNA Nucleotide Pattern

Understanding DNA and Evolution

The above graph from my research shows the frequency of eight different sequences of nucleotides throughout a chromosome. A fascinating discovery this chart shows is these eight nucleotide sequences show up in four, nearly identical, frequencies. It turns out that for even quite long sequences each forward, normal sequence has a nearly identical distribution to its reverse, complement sequence. This may indicate that there are four copies of each set of instructions on the gene. There is a forward, normal copy on strand one attached to a forward, compliment copy on strand two. Then in close proximity there is a reverse, compliment sequence on strand one attached to a reverse, normal copy on strand two. Is this sequence pattern correct or is it an artifact showing we need to improve the way we sequence DNA? If the pattern is correct, evolution becomes much harder because mutations must change four copies of the genetic instructions simultaneously and identically.

DNA is a language. Can we discover its words and syntax?
Does the reverse complement sequence pattern suggest four copies of each DNA instruction?
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Did God use evolution to create?

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