Space in Discrete Pieces

Simple, Yet Unanswered, Physics Questions

There are many, simple, foundational physics questions that remain unanswered. Technology could expand exponentially if these questions were answered. Here are a few. The goal of this website is to evaluate each in detail so that we can accurately and simply answer each one. There are simple answers.

Are extrinsic measurements of space consistent? (meters, miles, light years, parsec . . .)
What causes light to bend?
What 'waves' in a light wave?
How can light be both a wave and a particle?
What medium carries a light wave?
How long does it take light from distant galaxies to reach Earth?
How do magnets work?
How does gravity work?
What is eternal?
What is space?

Perhaps this last question, "What is Space?" affects most of the above questions. If we really understood what space is, we might have simple answers to all of these questions.

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