Constant Speed of Light

What is Space?

Is space a mathematical concept (continuous, uniform, unmoving) or is it a substance (discrete, variable, moveable)? The chasm between these two options has been debated for centuries, and experiments have not established which is true. However, calculations assume that space is a concept, not a physical reality. If space is a variable substance, the math changes and becomes harder. A new experiment suggests that space is a substance consisting of pieces of variable size.

The above graph shows discrete spaces whose size is determined by the gravity at each point. This graph is an excellent picture of gravity and has advantages over traditional pictures of gravity. First, traditional pictures of gravity cannot be visualized in 3D, but this one can. Second, the size of each space was mathematically calculated. It is an exact representation of the strength of gravity at each point.

What evidence support space as a concept and what evidence supports space as a substance? (In development February 2014)

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