Arden's Law: Anything is easy if you know how. Corollary: Any question is simple if you know the answer

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This site addresses simple questions that do not have an answer or are often answered incorrectly. These simple questions have correct answers. The purpose of this site is twofold:

This site was started in January, 2014. Many pages and scripts must be developed before it is complete. However, some pages and features are developed, and progress should continue steadily. Here is an initial list of questions and a proposed development schedule:

Physics Questions:

Are extrinsic measurements of space consistent? (meters, miles, light years, parsec . . .)
What causes light to bend?
What 'waves' in a light wave?
How can light be both a wave and a particle?
What medium carries a light wave?
How long does it take light from distant galaxies to reach Earth?
How do magnets work?
How does gravity work?
What is eternal?
What is space?

DNA Questions:

DNA is a language. Can we discover its words and syntax?
Does the reverse complement sequence pattern suggest four copies of each DNA instruction?
Is Evolution the Logical Consequence of Mutations, Genetics, and Natural Selection?
Did God use evolution to create?

Genesis Questions:

What does the Creation Account say?
Did God use evolution to create?
What is the source of the ancient information in Genesis?
How could there be light before the sun and stars were made?
What was the world population before the flood?
What events initiated the flood? (In Process)
What is Eternal? (May 2014)
Do humans have free will?
What is the knowledge of good and evil?
What does being one mean in marriage and our relation to God?
Who were the sons of God and daughters of men in Genesis 6?


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